Who are we?

2d1 is an artistic project between Basque creatives, Peru Magdalena and Gotzon Garaizabal. They are two painters that soak up inspiration from the fountains of mount Anboto and her neighbours. Two different pulses on a journey to sync with the heartbeat, the colours and the rhythms of life.

They are a collaboration where creativity dances with fire, mixing the dreamy, the earthy and the lucid. The tonal with the spirit. Love and friendship.

We are born from similar roots and we walk side by side. We are two from one and one from two, as if we were a bird and a cloud circling the newly formed ancient lands.

One journey. Completely virgin. Birth. New. Our inner heavens drip from our fingers.



(1980, AbadiƱo)
Artist, author, singer. Everything happens for the better.
I created a persona as if it were a game.
Now, I can’t tell it apart from the real me.
Who says hello when I look in the mirror? Does the mirror even exist?


(1968, Elorrio)
Paint, photograph, communicate.
If a wave doesn’t move, then it’s not a wave.
Create and create.
I drink from my glass and it is more full with each sip.